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   Mr. George Cruz
Image detail available upond request
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305 Alcazar Avenue  Coral Gables Fl Suite 4      Call for price (786) 877-1045

 ORIGINAL  "Satiago de Cuba y su Carroza" Large Format Mural 48"X 72"  on canvas 

Large format reproductions are available in Limited series
You can choose from over 90 different images of Humberto's work
All  reproductions are signed by the Artist registered and recorded and can only be obtained at H Benitez Fine Art Gallery
The artist has uathorized a limited series of large format Giclee's  this Large format  are strictly reproduced in smaller series some less than 150 sign pieces starting at $2,500.00

All Images are copyright  and can only be obtained through H Banitez Fine Art Gallery 
This piece has been acquired by  renown 
Gallery owner  Mrs Wozniak  of New York
A Limited series 40" x 80" Large format Giclee" of this wonderful piece has also been reproduced 
Call for pricing 786-877-1045
Large Format Mural on canvas   48" X 72"