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Actress  Jane Seymour                          Collectors Tony Suarez  and wife Tere Suarez  Pablo Suarez, Alvita Suarez
Art Expo Platinum Collector  Mercedez Lima next to her painting                           Renown  Artist JASON MERNICK

Great Grt Grandson of Master French Painter Renoir

Tremendo Party a lo Cubano!   Thank you
Organized by the Platinum Art Cuban Club   Time square will never be the same
With Dr. Juan Reyes   " El gallego"
Promoter / Art Collector  and Master chef Cid Mendez  prepared and delivered to us an incredible Cuban dinner a todo savor Cubano    Gracias!
Discovering Cuban history in New york
Member's from Washington the Reyes ,from Florida The Suarez and Saraffs .from New York the Mendez and Balados
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